Are you questioning why I would start a site that is trying to give away money?

It is a good question. Millions of people make videos for free all day long. Why pay people for something they are already doing for free?

Maybe it is about more than just giving away money for videos. Maybe there is more to my story. Maybe, just maybe, I will share it with you if you keep reading.

I am a normal person, just like most of you reading. I have hope, dreams and desires. Too often, I will have a “great” idea and I will be absolutely engaged and overtaken by the idea. There is nothing else I can think about but this idea.

I will drop everything and focus on this idea.

Until I stop.

Often, something else comes up and I just move along without giving much thought to the fact that I am giving up something else to start working on my newest “great” idea.

Sometimes this is ok. Other times it is a bit more harmful. These are the times where I move on before finishing. The problem is that I do not finish often enough.

I don’t want to psychoanalyze myself too much, but I am sure there is something to it. The allure of the new idea is easy. Finishing the last idea, that is harder.

Sharing your idea with the world. That is also difficult. Why share something with the public when you can just keep working on the next great idea in private.

I do not have a problem with working on private projects. Private projects are great. The problem comes in when you never release any projects to the public. That is where this grand experience comes in.

In an effort to break the habit of never releasing any projects. I thought I would start listening to others and do what they were saying to do. There are a surprising amount of people out there that are willing to tell you what to do…

I meant it though, I gathered a list of ideas from other people and I planned on just working through it. If it was ego that was preventing me from releasing something to the world, I could protect it by saying “that was someone else’s idea.”

If it didn’t work out. No problem. Not my idea. My ego remains safely intact.

But guess what happened?

Yup. You guessed it. I moved on to something else.

For example, take this site. It was someone else’s idea.

That someone